02 March 2014

January-March 2014 Brochure of the Polish Institute in Kyiv

Click the cover to learn about the events of the first quarter of 2014 prepared by the Polish Institute in Kyiv.    

06 February 2014

Polish number of the "Criticism" magazine

The Polish Institute in Kyiv and "Criticism" magazine have jointly initiated the special issue about new social and art practices in Poland, twenty years of social transformations and comprehension of this experience. What do modern Polish culture,...

04 February 2014

The Year of Oskar Kolberg

    The Seym of the Republic of Poland pronounced that 2014 would be the Year of Oskar Kolberg (1814-1890), a Polish ethnographer and composer who is considered the founder of the Polish folklorism. In 1839 Oskar Kolberg began...

04 January 2014

Kazimir Malevich Artistic Award 2014

                  The Kazimir Malevich Artistic Award, founded in 2008 at the initiative of the Polish Institute in Kyiv, witnesses the memory and recognition of Kazimir Malevich, an...

11 July 2013

Volyn 1943: 70th anniversary of the crime

    On the 70th anniversary of the most dramatic ethnic Polish-Ukrainian conflict in the land of Volyn and Eastern Halychyna, which is called Volyn tragedy in Ukraine and Volyn slaughter in Poland, the "Istorychna Pravda" web site...

25 May 2013

Connection Through Difficult Memories. Volyn 1943

  The book "Connection Through Difficult Memories. Volyn 1943"  is a result of the eponymous project, a Polish and Ukrainian idea that started in 2012. The goal of this initiative is to present the uneasy common history of Poles...

20 March 2013

A Report on the Condition of Culture and NGOs in Ukraine

“A Report on the Condition of Culture and NGOs in Ukraine” is the second publication outof seven that are being prepared within a series started by the Open Culture Foundation –“A Report on the Condition of Independent Culture...

29 June 2012

2nd Special Contest for Museum Workers of Ukraine "Preservation of the historical environment and the everyday culture"

Polish Institute in Kyiv together with the civil organization "Ukrainian Center of Museum Affairs Development" and International Charity Fund "Ukraine 3000" announces the 2nd Special Contest for Museum Workers of Ukraine "Preservation of the...

13 March 2012

Polish Presidency of the EU Council

Polish Presidency of the EU Council 1 July – 31 December 2011 Highlights and achievements

27 June 2011

Showing trilogy Yael Bartany "... And Europe will be shocked"

Center for   Visual Culture   NaUKMA ( Pans, 2) ,   17.00 Nightmares   Mary   / Mary Koszmary ( 2007,   11 ' ) Moore and   Tower   / Wall and Tower ( 2009,   13 ' ) Assassination   /...

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