22 December 2014

The 12 Dishes of Polish Christmas

In Poland, Christmas Eve dinner is the most important celebration of the year. Although this meal is reserved for the closest family, it is customary to set an extra plate and seat for an unexpected guest or even a vagrant. Most of the dishes...

16 December 2014 gets a revamp, the official promotional website of the Republic of Poland, has now a more attractive and modern look. It shows Poland today and its prominent figures, as well as the most important moments in its history and traditions that could be of...

04 December 2014

The first stage of the I, CULTURE Orchestra 2015 auditions is opening now

“What was so impressive about I, Culture's delivery was its subtlety, restraint and plain-speaking eloquence,”  said The Guardian about the August performance of I, CULTURE Orchestra.   I, CULTURE Orchestra...

28 November 2014

Donald Tusk takes over as European Council head

  Sets directions for actions; ensures the preparation and continuity of the work of the European Council; chairs meetings of EU heads of state; and presents reports on such meetings to the European Parliament – these are the principal...

27 October 2014

October-December 2014 Brochure of the Polish Institute in Kyiv

Click the cover to learn about the events of the  fourth quarter of 2014 prepared by the Polish Institute in Kyiv.  

08 October 2014

Resource Center of the Polish Institute in Kyiv is closed

We want to inform you that the Resource Center of the Polish Institute in Kyiv will not work up until and including November 15, 2014.  

07 October 2014

Grand Opening of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

We invite you to join us for the Grand Opening of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Events will be held October 28-30. The highlight will be the much anticipated opening of the museum’s Core Exhibition, which will be...

06 October 2014

The Final Curtain 1989

In 1989, that part of Europe which lay to the west of the ‘Iron Curtain’ became a stage for an extraordinary experiment. Within a short period of time, several nations were standing on the threshold of a chance to change their fate –...

12 September 2014

Twenty-five years ago Poland elected its first non-communist prime minister after WWII

“I will seek to form a government capable of working for the benefit of the society, the people and the State,” said Tadeusz Mazowiecki in his first speech to Parliament on 12 September 1989 after his appointment by the Sejm as prime...

07 July 2014

Solidarity Shorts – International Film Contest 2014

The 2014 edition of Solidarity Shorts begins today.  We are happy to announce that in this year’s edition, we’re introducing some changes, which we hope will allow more people to participate in our contest. First of all, we have taken...

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