Library which was founded in 1998 on the basis of the Polish Institute in Kyiv.

Main tasks of the centre are promotion of Polish history, culture, music, cinema, theatre, architecture, etc.

Library of the Polish Institute in Kyiv is divided into five sections:  

  • thematic book collection “Polish culture” 
  • periodicals 
  • audio collection 
  • video collection 
  • musical scores of Polish composers

Visitors may use the hall for listening to audio records and watching images on various electronic media.

Today the library holds several thousands of units of storage. Several hundreds of books, audio and video recordings, magazines, newspapers are added to it annually.

Only here you may find the following specialized publications: “Encyclopaedia of Polish art”, “Dictionary of Polish theatre”, “History of drama”, “Opera”, “Encyclopaedia of cinematography”, “Folklore”, “Polish Oscars”, “Polish art of 1918-2000”, “Encyclopaedia of Polish theatre”, “Dictionary of Polish artists”, “Alternative theatre in Poland in 1954-1989”, “Polish art of the XX century”, “Modern Polish graphic art”, “Polish cinema poster”, “Kraków theatre school”, “Encyclopaedia of music”, etc.

In addition, you will have the chance to find out more about such famous Polish cultural figures as Hoffman, Wajda, Kieślowski, Janda, Malinowski, Tyszkiewicz, Bielicka, Waldorff, Paderewski, Szpilman.

Here you may learn about both sad chapters of Polish history and comic ones.

The library of the Polish Institute in Kyiv has the following purpose:

To provide all comers with the possibility to learn about Polish culture

In addition to the main cultural and artistic specialization, our shelves also hold books of Herbert, Schulz, Gombrowicz, Mickiewicz, Miłosz, Kapuściński, Mrożek, Tuwim, Rożewicz, Jastrun, Leśmian, Stasiuk, Reymont, Dygat, Giedroyc, Witkacy, etc. The centre also has a vast collection of dictionaries.

Polish periodicals may also be found in the library in addition to books, audio and video archive. We may offer you latest issues of the following publications, among others: “Tworczosc”, “Literatura na Swiecie”, “Teatr”, “Biuletyn IPN”, “Polityka”, “Wprost”, “Newsweek Polska”, “Tygodnik Powszechny”, “Kino”, “Panorama Literatury Polskiej”, “Architektura”, “Rzeczpospolita”, “Pani”, “Zwierciadlo”, “Film” etc.

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