Participation of Polish artists in the contemporary art festival "ARTDROME – comics, literature, street art"

15 — 19 May 2012
15 May - 19 May


The "ARTDROME" project is aimed at transformation of the space of the industrial city of Luhansk. It is based on the novel of Ukrainian author Serhiy Zhadan "Voroshylovhrad" (2010). As a part of the project, Polish artists Magdalena Ptak and Artur Wabik will create a comic strip based on the "Voroshylovhrad" novel in order to present it in Luhansk. During the festival Polish and Ukrainian experts will hold master classes in comic strip creation and performance conducting for the youth of Donbass, and young Ukrainian artists will try to transfer parts of the comic strip to the walls and fences of the city in the form of graffiti.

Poland will be represented at the festival by:

Marcin Surma - a graphic artist who works on the "Voroshylovhrad" comic strip.

Artur Wabik  - an artist, curator, author and researcher of folk culture, author of the story of the "Voroshylovhrad" comic strip.

Ewa Hubar - an anthropologist and dancer concentrated on understanding of the body and creation of improvisation. The performance master class will be a unique possibility for the Ukrainian youth to connect to their roots.

Paulina Maloy  – a trainer and coordinator of cultural and educational projects, an editor. Her main directions of work are literature, contemporary art and informal education.

Agnieszka Cweliong – a social psychologist and cultural animator. She organizes and conducts interdisciplinary art events.

Mikolaj Rejs - a graphic artist


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