Presentation of Marcia Talmage Schneider’s book “Janusz Korczak: Sculptor of Children's Souls”

19 March 2019
19 March
Klovskyi Lyceum No. 77 | Shovkovychna st., 25 | Beginning at 11:00 | Admission is free


The book of Marcia Talmage Schneider “Janusz Korczak: Sculptor of Children's Souls”, which contains real life stories, events, emotional suffering of the past, will be presented in the Klovskyi Lyceum No. 77. The book consists of conversations with the foster children of the House of Orphans translated from English by students of the Klovskyi Lyceum No. 77. The book turned out to be heartwarming, moving, and refined.

Janusz Korczak, whose real name was Henryk Goldzsmit, was also known as Mr. Doctor or the Old Doctor. A Polish Jew, he said throughout his life about him belonging to both those nations.

In his own words, he was “a doctor by training, a pedagogue by chance, a writer by passion, and a psychologist by necessity”. A man who became a legend even during his lifetime, a classic of children's literature, an innovative pedagogue and a pioneer of activities on children's right protection and the fight for equal rights for children. He claimed that children had the right to be themselves, the right to be respected, to make mistakes, to express their thoughts. He died in 1942 in Treblinka Nazi extermination camp together with the children from his orphanage.

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