22 January 2018
Celebration of the 155th anniversary of the January Uprising
01 March 2018
Chopin's concert of Krzysztof Książek in Kyiv
21 March — 06 April 2018
Exhibition “Traditions and the Contemporary Life of Tatars, the Polish Believers of the Islamic Faith”
17 March 2018
Kuba Snopek’s lecture “The Area of the Spectacle” in the Kharkiv School of Architecture
09 February 2018
Presentation of the Ukrainian translation of Czesław Miłosz's novel “The Issa Valley”
07 — 19 March 2018
Exhibition “Women of Independence”
23 February 2018

Did You know Polish students are serial winners of NASA competitions for extra-terrestrial rovers?

In 2017, the SCORPIO vehicle from the Wrocław University of Technology won the international...

21 February 2018

The Polish language, a simple language

There are no difficult languages – this is what scientists claim. Their thesis is confirmed...

20 February 2018

Did You know Artur Rubinstein changed "Dąbrowski's Mazurka” into a protest song?

Rubinstein - the star of his time and at the time Poland’s wealthiest pianist – played over...

16 February 2018

Karol Szymanowski International Music Competition

Katowice – since 2015 a UNESCO Creative City of Music – in September 2018 will host the...

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